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Is Apple offering to share user data to snaffle TV partners?

Apple is allegedly dangling the carrot of user data as it tries to expand its network of partners for the launch of its upcoming over-the-top streaming TV service.

Apple looks set to launch its own TV service this spring, with content provided by partners like ABC, Fox, ESPN and Disney. But some content providers and networks approached by Apple over potential partnership have been disinclined to get involved, so Cupertino’s executives are reportedly offering them access to user viewing data to try and coax them aboard.

A report in the New York Post states that Apple is planning to give partners access to information like who its users are, what they watch and when they watch it, in an effort to sweeten any potential deals. Prospective partners are also being offered some control over ad deployment, including choosing when their ads are aired.

Sharing user data isn’t something which Apple has been keen to do in the past. The company has traditionally sought to build trust with customers, but Apple’s executives may feel as if they have little choice as they seek to hoist their own service – which has been some time in the making – head and shoulders above established contenders like Netflix and Sony.

Of course, this is only a rumour and Apple hasn’t offered up any comment on the matter as of yet.

Apple’s TV service is set to be unveiled at this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference, which will get under way on June 8th in San Francisco, alongside a refreshed Apple TV box.


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