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iSocket upgrades GSM-controlled switches with remote power warning

Owners of iSocket’s SMS-controlled remote power switches can now get alerts if there’s a power cut to their devices.

The iSocket GSM 707 models will send an SMS text alert to their owners if the mains power is cut, and again when it’s restored.

As with previous iSocket GSM devices, they communicate via a standard 2G SIM card, whether it’s on a contract or pay-as-you-go, with any network provider.

iSocket upgrades GSM-controlled switches with power warning
SMS control is simple, but is it cheaper than broadband?

Read more about Smart Home TechnologyThe sockets, retailing at £135, also have a built-in security system, microphone, and temperature sensor and thermostat, as well as being remotely switchable.

It’s possible to set up schedules and alerts for any of the built-in sensors, and they can be connected to motion, door, smoke, heat and gas sensors for extra functions.

There’s also a Light version which is simply a remote switch that can send power alerts, priced £110, with free Android, iPhone and Java SMS apps to make it easier to send remote control messages.

The Finnish-produced iSockets are available in British, European, French, American and Australian variations.


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