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Kwikset Kevo smart lock: Throw away your battery-less keys

Keys, eh? So last century. Now the likes of the Kwikset Kevo smart lock allows you to gain access with your phone. 

The Kevo pairs with your phone (iPhone 4S or higher, or an Android 5.0 Lollipop device) via Bluetooth and as soon as you step into range, the two should connect and the lock will be ready to deactivate – done with a quick tap of your finger on the lock itself.

You can also use a Bluetooth key fob if you don’t own a compatible smartphone, or a normal, old-fashioned key if your phone battery is dead. It may seem like a silly little time saver, but there are some other useful features to the Kevo. 

Kwikset Kevo smart lock: Throw away your battery-less keys
Next-gen key-less lock has a keyhole. Huh?

You can distribute as many e-keys to friends, family, babysitters etc. as you like, and even give them restricted access – so for instance, your babysitter can only enter when he or she is meant to be there, or your mother in law can only come in when you’re conveniently at the office. 

The Kevo could be a lifesaver if you ever face a messy break-up. Just delete their virtual key from the system and they can’t sneak in at any point to exact revenge by taking a pair of scissors to your Ben Shermans. Or snapping your rare Gang of Four seven inches in half. Not that we’re still bitter or anything.

Of course if your violent stalker ex still has a physical key, you might want to change the locks anyway. And get a restraining order. 

Kevo also Works With Nest, meaning it’ll automatically tell Nest to start turning the heating down when you head out of the door, instead of having to rely on geolocation tech. Hopefully future developments will see Kevo pairing with other Internet of Things things to enhanced your home’s security. 

You can order a Kevo now for $199 (roughly £130) from various US-based retailers but you’ll also need to factor in the shipping cost. A UK launch for Kevo hasn’t been confirmed. 


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