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LG Hom-Bot Square robo-vac arrives to clean the UK’s dirty corners

LG has Hom-Bot Square robot vacuum cleaner might win a prize for silly names, but it’s also hoping to clean up in the awards for reaching difficult places.

The oddly-monikered and uniquely-shaped vacuum cleaner is being pitched as quieter, smarter and safer than the competition from iRobot’s Roomba and Samsung’s Navibot.

Priced £450 (at John Lewis only), the Hom-Bot Square comes with 1.5cm brushes poking out from its square corners, and both 180° ultrasonic sensors and Dual-Eye 2.0 night-vision cameras.

LG Hom-Bot Square robo-vac arrives to clean the UK’s dirty corners
LG’s Hom-Bot breaks the mould for robot vacuum cleaners

Read Recombu Digital’s guides to Robot Vacuum Cleaners and the Smart HomeDawn Stockell, marketing communications manager at LG Electronics, said: “The Hom-Bot Square is an exciting new launch for LG and a key product in our 2013 home appliances line-up for the UK. 

“LG prides itself on providing consumers with appliances that enhance their lives, giving them more time for the things they love, and the new Hom-Bot Square is no different.”

As well as promising collision-free operation, the ultrasonic sensors have a Corner Detecting Mode to help the Hom-Bot Square find its way in and out of tight corners.

The Dual Eye 2.0 cameras above and below the Hom-Bot Square map ceilings, walls and floor even in the dark, and learns the layout of your home or office as it cleans.

LG also claims it outputs just 60dBA of noise – roughly the same as someone talking one metre away – and will fit beneath many obstacles at 89mm high.

Unusually, the Easy-out Dust Bin is top-mounted, and it features a HEPA 11 dust and odour filter, as well as a Smart Turbo mode which adjusts cleaning speed for different floors to extend the 100-minute battery life.

It’s also chatty, using up to 90 voice alerts to tell communicate with its owner, and has Smart Diagnosis to help you to troubleshoot problems. It comes in Mirror Black, Navy Smog or Italian Red.

What doesn’t it have? Despite LG’s experience in the field, there’s no WiFi or Bluetooth smart phone control. What is this, 2010?


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