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LG promises wireless 4K Ultra HD video streaming to your TV

LG is pushing the Ultra High Definition agenda with a world premiere of 4K phone-to-TV video streaming.

You might argue that it’s putting the cart before the horse when all the world’s 4K TV owners could fit comfortably in a hobbit-hole with room to spare.

LG’s announcement from Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona is thin on technical detail, but promises ‘minimal lag and data loss’ over WiFi.

LG promises wireless 4K Ultra HD video streaming to your TV

Read about 4K Ultra HD and How to stream from phones and tablets to TVDr. Jong-seok Park, president and CEO of LG Mobile, said: ““Thanks to our innovative Wireless Ultra HD Transmission technology, users can now enjoy their favorite mobile content on today’s most advanced Ultra HD TVs.”

As well as consuming less than half the power of competing systems, LG claims that ‘multimedia content is automatically adjusted to match the receiving TV’s screen resolution, resulting in flawless visuals’.

Since there aren’t any 4K mobile cameras, we’ll look forward to seeing what this really means when a mobile HD video is beamed to a 4K screen.


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