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LG puts a washing machine in a washing machine

LG has showcased a washing machine inside a washing machine, allowing you to wash two loads at once. 

The slightly odd idea apparently ‘redefines the concept of doing laundry’, with a main washing machine and an additional washer housed in a pedestal that can be pulled out like a secret drawer. 

Like all of LG’s smart washing machines, the LG Twin Washer features built-in WiFi and NFC, allowing you to take advantage of the company’s HomeChat messaging service. 

The LG Twin Washer features a tilted drum so it’s easier to put in and remove washing

Check out Recombu’s CES 2015 coverage hereSeong-jin Jo, president and CEO of LG’s Home Appliance & Air Solution Company said: “One might be tempted to call the LG Twin Wash System disruptive, as it’s a completely new concept in appliances. 

“The addition of a mini washer underneath the main washer translates to greater flexibility, convenience and efficiency. It’s also another big leap forward in our commitment to using cutting-edge technology and innovative ideas to make life better for consumers around the world.”

While we’ve all done that thing where you put on a big wash and realise you forgot to put in that one t-shirt or a stray sock, but that’s not what the Twin Washer is really for. 

The auxiliary washer is primarily designed for delicates and smaller items like underwear or situations where you need to split your wash to avoid colour bleeding. The mini washer can be combined with any other LG front-loading washer, although the main washer on top will need to be mounted on a pedestal unit. 

LG’s integrated NFC tech allows you to upload pre-programmed wash cycles to the machine by touching your smartphone to the panel. WiFi connectivity afford you remote control of the machine and alerts when your washing has finished. 

Prices and launch dates for LG’s WD100C and WD200C Twin Wash units aren’t currently available. We’ll update once we hear more on that front, but until then, check out LG’s official video below. 


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