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Lightwave RF Smart Dimmer tackles LED light flicker

If upgrading your lights to LEDs has left you in flickering hell, Lightwave RF’s Smart Dimmer could give you smooth illumination and remote control.

The British company’s Smart Dimmer claims to fix the tricky power supply issues that lead to extreme flickering or even complete failure when dimmable LEDs are fitted in ordinary dimmer switches.

You can also use your smartphone or tablet to control your lights via WiFi or even from beyond the home using other Lightwave RF smart home components.

Lightwave RF Smart Dimmer tackles LED flicker
LEDs don’t have to flicker with a smart dimmer

John Shermer, managing director of JSJS Designs, the British design company behind the project, said: “Recent changes in the lighting industry have meant LEDs are now in many more locations and traditional dimmers are not always able to operate them.

“This advance in the system makes it easy and economical to successfully control LED lighting, and cut energy bills even further”.

The dimmers are not only LED compatible, they also have an intelligent five-level dimming depth option, so when the LED lamps are installed, the dimmer can be adapted to a particular lamp’s lowest dimming point.

The Smart Dimmer – and other Lightwave RF devices – can be controlled with a remote control, or you can add the £70 Lightwave Link to hook them into your home’s WiFi network and broadband connection.

With the Link, the LightwaveRF app (free to download from the App Store and Google Play) also allows users to set timers and events so that a house can look occupied even if there is no one at home,

The Smart Dimmers are available from major online and specialist retailers with prices starting at £39.99. Further information can be found here.


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