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LightwaveRF’s wireless smart switches take motion sensing anywhere

Home automation fans can place motion-detectors anywhere with wireless switches that control lights and power sockets.

The Smart Wire-Free Switches from smart home technology designer LightwaveRF requires no cabling and works in the same way as a remote control, with an optional infra-red motion detector.

They can be placed on any wall, and can control any number of LightwaveRF light fittings, power sockets and dimmers, and the motion detector switch also has a built-in ambient light level detector.

Lightwave RF's Wire-Free and PIR Motion Sensor switches
Lightwave RF’s Wire-Free and PIR Motion Sensor switches

The switches are battery operated and low-voltage, so they can be safely fitted in bathrooms where regulations would prohibit the use of mains-powered switches. They will screw onto any standard back box or can be applied to a wall or flat surface using adhesive strips.

The PIR Sensor Switch will turn the light off automatically after a set amount of time, and the light sensor will enable it to turn on only when it’s dark enough to be needed.

The wireless switches complement LightwaveRF’s smartphone app, which can link up to six smartphones or tablets to a LightwaveRF system, allowing users to remotely turn on and off any LightwaveRF devices installed in their home, set timers and events at the touch of a button, and to monitor their energy usage and costs.

The LightwaveRF Wire-Free Switches cost £29.99 for the 1-Gang version, or £32.99 for the 2-Gang and PIR Sensor versions.

The technology is another competitor to Philips Hue, which can be customised using various apps to work the way users want it to. Also in the same field is GE Link, which offers smart lighting but at a fraction of the cost of Hue.

Unlike Philips Hue, LightwaveRF’s products can’t be linked to other products and online services via the IFTTT remote activation system.


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