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Lovefilm on Samsung Smart TVs and Blu-ray players gets playlist update

Lovefilm Instant on Samsung Smart TVs and Blu-ray players now lets you create playlists thanks to an update. 

The so-called ‘Watchlist’ feature lets you queue up lists of films or episodes of TV shows to blitz through all in one sitting, letting you set the scene for a weekend-long binge of Vikings, The Walking Dead, Copper, or whatever you want from Lovefilm’s 3,898-strong on-demand library. 

The update also serves up a smart Recently Watched feature which lets you stop viewing a film or show on one device and pick up where you were watching later on. 

Lovefilm on Samsung Smart TVs and Blu-ray players gets playlist update
Dame Helen Mirren hates cast lists.

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to Lovefilm InstantImproved recommendations and star ratings, giving you other subscriber’s opinions of a title, are also features of this new update which you can download for free from the Samsung SmartHub. 

Samsung Smart TVs and connected Blu-ray players from the 2012-2013 range are the latest Lovefilm-compatible devices to benefit from this update which has previously rolled out to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

Simon Morris, Chief Marketing Officer at Lovefilm, said: “The improved search engine, user interface and other improvements make discovering new content easier than ever before, whilst the addition of popular features such as the Watchlist allow members to plan their viewing around their busy schedules.”


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