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Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators update: The best new features

Microsoft now updates Windows more regularly giving users more bang for their buck and the tech giant used its Build 2017 developer conference to show off the next big release, the Fall Creators update.

The main aim of this latest update will be to bring the Windows experience across to other mobile platforms like iOS and Android. Here are all the best new features due to arrive in September for free to all Windows 10 users.

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Story Remix in Windows 10 Fall Creators update

A new Windows 10 app coming in this next update is Story Remix that in may ways serves as the spiritual successor to Windows Movie Maker.

Story Remix works to let you edit videos and images but, crucially, it works across devices. Yup, this is all in the cloud so you can start an edit on your Windows 10 machine, pause then carry on from within your iOS or Android device, on the move. It’s just one example of the seamless kind of experience Microsoft has been promising for years now and looks like it may well have to stones to actually deliver.

The Story Remix app not only lets you edit with video and photos but it also supports 3D models by using Remix 3D and Paint 3D smarts too. The tens of Groove users out there will also be able to import their tunes directly.

Timeline in Windows 10 Fall Creators update

Microsoft proudly demonstrated a new Windows 10 feature called Timeline. This is a very cool way of rolling your system back to when it was setup in a certain way. So if you had certain apps open and tabs within those running, you can shut down, do something else, then roll back to that setup at a later date.

Pick Up Where You Left Off in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Ok, that name could probably do with some work, but the idea here is great. As the title suggests, this will allow you to carry on from where you left off, no matter the device.

The idea is that it lets you resume an app or session from a desktop on an iPhone or Android phone. It even has the capacity to let you copy in desktop and then paste on a phone thanks to cloud-based functionality. That will work the other way too within apps like Office; so copying a link or image from your phone so that you’re then able to paste in the doc you’re working in on your Windows machine.

OneDrive Files On-Demand in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

The idea behind OneDrive Files On-Demand is to keep everything in the cloud until it’s absolutely needed locally on your device. This is what cloud-based storage should be like, right? Rather than storing in the cloud and locally taking up drive space too, as many alternatives still do.

You’ll be able to see if the files are local or in the cloud and when needed they’ll automatically stream to your device as if it were stored locally so, theoretically, you shouldn’t notice the difference. Well, apart from having more local storage space of course.

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Fluent Design in Windows 10 Fall Creators update

The Fluent Design is more of a focus for the designers that create apps and systems on Windows 10. It will result in a new way of laying out everything that should be more intuitive and modern from an aesthetic standpoint.

Expect to see more layering, motions and pop-out images once the Fall Creators update hits your machine.

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