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Neoji is an all-in-one smart heating, lighting and home security Zen Master

Apple might want to control your lights and lock your doors with HomeKit, but Neoji wants to take care of heating, lighting and home security – all with one device. 

Neoji is billed by its developers as an intelligent home monitor that uses a technology it calls ‘Smart Conso’ allowing its Zen Master and Grand Zen Master products to act as a digital sentries. 

Similar to the motion sensors found in Nest, the Neoji machines are capable of building up a picture of your home, using an array of sensors to detect sound, motion, humidity and temperature. 

Neoji is an all-in-one smart heating, lighting and home security Zen Master
Choose your weapon: Neoji’s Zen Masters come in a variety of colours

As well as dyanmically adjusting the temperature of your home depending on how many people are present, the idea is that over time, Neoji’s Zen Masters learn to ignore the sounds, sights and smells of your daily routines – babies crying, dogs barking and so on – so they’ll only alert you if they detect anything anomalous, such as an intruder’s presense or a gas leak.  

That could make for some interesting incidents if you’re throwing a party for the first time since you’ve installed a Neoji device or you’re inviting new friends over for the first time. You can simply turn Neoji off for a period of time if you don’t want it frantically detecting everything that happens in your house for five minutes. 

The manufacturer’s Indiegogo page claims that the Zen Master devices will be able to detect accidents and falls, monitor pets and even play soothing music for young children. 

The higher-end Grand Zen Master product even comes with an HD camera, allowing you to surveil your living room from afar via the Neoji mobile app. 

Neoji is an all-in-one smart heating, lighting and home security Zen Master
Neoji lets you change the temperature as well as keep tabs on your home from afar

Neoji also communicates with smart meters which uses open protocols including Zigbee, 6LoWPAN and KNX, so provided you’ve got one, you will in theory be able to use Neoji to talk to other smart heaters, thermostats and lightbulbs on your network and make changes if you want to save money on heating. 

Early adopters who like the idea of a Zen Master patrolling their home can check out the Indiegogo page to register their interest. 

Pledging $299 (£178) will get you the standard Neoji Zen Master which is only available in white. The more advanced Grand Zen Master which comes with an HD camera and additional air quality sensors can be yours if you pledge $399 (£237) before the crowdfunding window closes. 

At the time of writing Neoji has raised $2,586 (£1,531) of its $100,000 (£59,595) goal, with 58 days to go. 


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