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Nest Learning Thermostat heats up on Google Play UK

Nest Learning Thermostat is now available to buy from Google Play, weeks after it launched in the UK

The smart energy system, which promises to save you money on heating bills, is available to buy directly from Google for £179. Within two working days you’ll get the thermostat plus everything you need to get set up delivered to your door.  

Nest vice president of technology Yoky Matsuoka claims that buying and installing Nest will make the average home carbon neutral in just eight weeks. 

Nest level: The Google-owned smart energy system wants to save the world (and you money)

Though Matsuoka doesn’t reveal exactly how Nest came to these figures, Nest has said that it will plant a tree for every Nest sold through Google Play or the American Nest store. 

Seperately, Nest has told Recombu that you should save roughly £200 a year if you use the service intelligently. As well as letting you remotely control the temperature in your home with mobile apps, Nest also adapts to your daily schedules, intelligently regulating heat accordingly. 

Infra-red body heat and humidity sensors sensors detect when somebody is entering or leaving a room and Nest will automatically adjust the temperature. Its True Radiant algorithm will reduce temperature spikes, starting and ending heating early to anticipate your needs. 

Nest’s other product, Nest Protect, a smart smoke alarm is temporarily unavailable over concerns of a possible safety risk. Currently there is no word on when that device will reappear on Google Play. 

Google spent $3.2 billion on acquiring Nest back in January. Founed by ex-Apple employees Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers enters an increasingly crowded market space. Hive by British Gas announced last year, promises to save customers similar amounts of cash (read our review here). The more advanced (and more expensive to set up) Evohome system from Honeywell takes smart heating to a much more granular level, letting customers set up heating zones across their house. 

Recently, Recombu compared all of the leading names in smart heating – Nest, Hive, Evohome, Heat Genius, OWL, Tado, Salus iT500, Cosy and Climote – so you can better make sense of what’s on offer. 


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