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Nest thermostat update fine tunes learning for bigger savings

Nest’s latest update promises to save you even more money, by fine-tuning how it learns about your heating habits. 

The newly-enhanced Auto-Schedule feature, part of the Nest 4.3 update, now records not only when you turn the heat up, but when you turn it down, and how long you leave things at a certain temperature for. If you set it to 22 degrees last winter, Nest will assume you’d like it to be the same heat next year. 

This new update, Nest claims, means the system will ‘catch on faster that the temperature adjustments you’re making’ so it’ll be better able to second guess your commands. 

Nest's Enhanced Auto-Schedul means your device will know when it's going to get cold
Nest egg: The latest update promises even greater savings

In money-saving terms, which is what Nest is ultimately about, the company says you’ll be able to shave around six per cent off of your heating bill with the Enhanced Auto-Schedule feature. Of course, if we were all equipped with smart meters we’d be able to know exactly how much we were spending. Until then, we’ll wait for our winter fuel statements to come in. 

Enhanced Auto-Schedule is turned on by default and will start working from the moment you’ve successfully updated to Nest 4.3. 

Another feature added in the update is Quick View, which displays weather, outdoor temperature and humidity levels and System Test, which checks every mode of your Nest set-up, something you’re likely to want to do as the colder months kick in. 

To see a summary of your energy consumption, you can turn the ring once to find out and also see what’s coming up next on your heating schedule.

In order for your Nest unit to receive the 4.3 update you’ll need to be connected to WiFi and have the battery of the unit charged to 3.7 volts or higher. You should automatically get the 4.3 update by the end of the month. 

Nest is available to buy now for £249, or £179 if you want to install it yourself. Npower is also currently giving Nest Learning Thermostats away free with its Intelligent Control – October 2016 dual fuel tariffs


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