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Netflix brings post-play binge watching to Chromecast

Netflix has announced its play next episode feature ‘post-play’ is now supported on Chromecast, meaning you’ll probably find yourself watching far too much TV in one sitting. 

Customers with the Netflix iOS or Android app and a Chromecast stick in the back of their TV can now binge through Orange Is The New Black with greater ease – instead of having to hunt for the next episode on your phone, hit play and then cast it to your TV, a shortcut to the next episode will automatically load up on your phone or tablet’s screen. 

The feature has been available on a lot of desktop-based Netflix platforms, smart TVs, Xboxes and PlayStations in the past. Binge watching has just got a lot easier for more people. 


Post-play is now available on Chromecast via the Android app
Post-play is now available on Chromecast via the Android app

Carenina Motion, a partner engagement manager at Netflix and senior software engineer Kevin Morris said: “We increased the countdown slightly to allow for more time to grab your phone or tablet, but otherwise it works just like the other devices that already support “Post-Play.” 

Although this will come as exciting news for Chromecast users, it’s important to consider that those using their PC to stream content to Chromecast will have to wait a little longer for the support to be added to their system. 

Netflix announced its post-play feature in 2012, but it’s been a little slow to hit new rollouts of the app. In May 2013, uninterrupted streaming was released on iOS, but other platforms have missed out, until now. 

We first heard about the feature coming to Chromecast back in June, added to coincide with the launch of the second series of prison drama Orange Is The New Black on Netflix. 

Netflix also recently announced its private recommendation service that lets you secretly share your top tips with your friends via Facebook. 


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