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Netflix revamps search on site, puts your favourites at your fingertips

Netflix has revamped its website, making it much easier to search for content and find related programmes.

The company’s instant search tool means you’ll see cover art and related programmes pop up as soon as you start typing the first or second letter of a query.

Additionally, you’ll see a list of actors, directors and creators also matching the search term pop up, so even if you’re not feeling inspired by what comes up as a related programme, you can always find something to watch based on the people in it. When you click on one of the people listed, programmes related to that person pop up.

Netflix's website makes it easier to discover new content
Netflix’s website makes it easier to discover new content

Roelof van Zwol, director of product innovation for search and personalisation algorithms at Netflix, said: “We’ll continue to work on improving the search experience across all devices that our members use to watch content on Netflix. For now, we hope you’ll enjoy the new search experience on the website.”

On the same side as the People panel, you’ll also find suggestions related to genres, topical searches and searches for titles that are unavailable to stream – not the most useful feature, but it’s good to know nonetheless.

Finally, if you don’t find anything that tickles your fancy, you can simply type in ‘Netflix’ to the search and up will pop all the programmes and films under the Netflix banner, including the streaming service’s exclusive content.

Netflix seems to be going a little crazy in the product development at the moment. Earlier this week, it announced that post-play is coming to Chromecast and it revealed a social recommendation feature that allows you to recommend shows to your Facebook friends privately.


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