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Netflix unveils Spoiler Foiler to block out Breaking Bad tweets

Netflix has launched an app that will allow Twitter users to filter out tweets about Breaking Bad as the series’ last ever episode looms.

Users heading to can use the tool, which promises to block potential Breaking Bad spoliers from popping up on a user’s Twitter stream.

It will be handy for UK users as the Twittersphere is awash with tweets about the programme from US users.

Netflix unveils Spoiler Foiler to block out Breaking Bad tweets
‘How are they blocking those spoilers?’ ‘Obviously with some kind of science, yo’

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to Netflix“As we get ready for the biggest climax in entertainment history and the final episode of Breaking Bad ever (big sigh), Netflix today launches The Spoiler Foiler, a website for fans to remove any posts on Twitter including any ‘spoilers’ relating to the show,” the firm said.

“Yes, that means that all those danger words will be blocked out on your Twitter feed with black spaces so they can’t be seen!” said Netflix.

Users can log into Twitter via Netflix’s new website. The Spoiler Foiler looks for words on its “danger list” and blocks them. Netflix hasn’t said what words it will block (would kinda give the game away!)

Users can view hidden tweets should they wish to as it is likely the tool will also block non-spoiler tweets as well.

The Spoiler Foiler campaign runs from 23 September to 4 October.


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