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Netflix will stream House of Cards in 4K on LG TVs

Netflix has announced that House of Cards will be available to watch in 4K on LG smart TVs. 

Speaking at LG’s keynote at CES in Las Vegas, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings took to the stage to announce that the Netflix-exclusive hit drama will be available to view on LG’s range of 4K TV sets. 

House of Cards, which was filmed, mastered and edited in 4K Ultra HD, will be coming to Netflix this year. 

Announced in tandem with LG’s range of curved OLED 4K sets, the new service will give those who shell out for the expensive new TVs something other than upscaled Full HD content. 

Netflix will stream House of Cards in 4K on LG TVs
4K content from Netflix is certainly on the Cards

We’ve known that Netflix has run trials of 4K streams and we knew that it’d be launching a service within at some point between now and 2015

Given the state of broadband in the UK right now, some of us should have no problem streaming 4K Netflix content. 

That’s the good news. The bad news is that there’s no way of knowing yet when we’ll get to experience this in the UK. There’s not even a solid launch date for House of Cards in 4K on Netflix, other than it will be available at some point this year. 

In other news, Netflix in the UK has confirmed the launch date for the second season of House of Cards. All 13 episodes of the new series will be available to stream from February 14, 2014 onwards. 

You can watch the trailer for the second season on YouTube now in 4K Ultra HD – provided your monitor and your broadband connection can handle it. 


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