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Orange Is The New Black Season 5 hits UK: All you need to know and how to watch

Orange Is The New Black fans rejoice, season five hits the UK in June, bringing 13 fresh new episodes for your viewing pleasure. Here’s how to watch the fifth series of the show and everything you need to know ahead of the release date.

Orange Is The New Black is back for a fifth season on its native platform Netflix this month. Expect more prison high-jinks with even more intesnsity than usual, with a full-on riot in progress.

We lay out all you need to know about Orange Is The New Black’s fifth series, including episode release dates, how to watch the show in 4K (even if you don’t have Netflix) and how to download it for offline viewing on your commute.

What is Orange Is The New Black season five?

For the uninitiated, Orange Is The New Black is the 12-times Emmy nominated Netflix comedy drama about a female prison in the US. Primarily the show started by following one upper class girl, Piper Chapman, being thrown into a world she didn’t understand for one silly decision she made. Since then however the show has developed into so much more, with each character evolving and revealing more with every episode that passes.

Orange Is The New Black is all shot and aired in 4K UHD quality, with Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound for crisp and clear audio. Thanks to being broadcast on Netflix, episodes vary in length depending on the story being told. Some are as short as 51 minutes and others as long as 92 minutes, giving time for each story to breathe.

What is the Orange Is The New Black season five release date?

Season five will consist of the usual 13 episodes and is released to the viewing public on June 9, 2017.

Some Netflix series are of course trickled out one episode at a time, such as Better Call Saul. However, the new Orange Is The New Black will be released in one big batch, so you can binge watch them all in one go if so desired.

In a UK first, the fifth series will also be broadcast on TV for anyone who doesn’t have a Netflix account. More on that below.

How do I download Orange Is The New Black season five?

Netflix has included Orange Is The New Black in its list of shows and films that subscribers are able to download for viewing at a later date, even when offline.

As long as you have the updated Netflix app on your device, be it mobile phone, tablet or PC, then you can download episodes. If you want the full quality HD experience, be sure to go into the app’s Settings menu and then Video Quality to change the default.

Check out our complete guide to downloading Netflix content for full instructions.

How can I watch Orange Is The New Black season five in 4K resolution?

On Netflix, the fifth series of the show will be available to watch in glorious 4K Ultra HD resolution. This is great news if you have a 4K TV, as you can enjoy supremely sharp visuals in every episode. Prison never looked better.

However, there’s some stuff you’ll have to do before you stream Orange Is The New Black in UHD. Check out our guide on watching 4K Netflix content for all you need to know.

What can I expect from Orange Is The New Black season five?

The next installment of Orange Is The New Black appears to take place over just three days of the inmates’ lives. Those three days should be very intense though, as the cast riot and rebel against abusive prison guards and squallid conditions.

Without giving too much away, or ruining the earlier seasons for those still in catch-up territory, a gunshot kicks off all of the drama. Check out the full trailer below for a closer look at what you can expect.

How can I watch Orange Is The New Black season five without Netflix?

If you don’t have Netflix but you already subscribe to a TV deal, you might be in line to get Orange Is The New Black season five on your screen soon.

In a first, the UK will get Orange Is The New Black via The Sony Channel, which bought the rights so it could start airing the show once a week. Of course, the show began airing from the pilot episode on Wednesday April 19, with a new episode shown every week after that. So season five is still a long way off.

The Sony Channel is available on Sky, Virgin Media and TalkTalk. You can watch an episode every Wednesday at 9pm.

For those wishing to catch up on all the older episodes of Orange Is The New Black fast, the easiest way is to get a Netflix subscription. Since there are 30-day free trials on offer, you could catch up entirely before it airs on TV without paying a penny.

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