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Orange tops Ofcom chart, followed by TalkTalk: UK broadband customer complaints

Orange has yet again topped Ofcom’s complaints chart for its broadband service, followed by TalkTalk. 

Ofcom’s latest figures for complaints registered about broadband and pay TV providers reveals that most customers’ whinges were generated by the ISP withdrawing its offer of free broadband unless customers also bought line rental from Orange.

TalkTalk, which has previously dominated Ofcom’s rogues gallery for broadband complaints, was the second most griped-about ISP. Though it has to be said there’s a rather big drop off after Orange. 

Orange tops Ofcom chart, followed by TalkTalk: UK broadband customer complaints
Ofcom’s quarterly reports helps customers make an informed choice and incentivises ISPs to up their game

Out of 1,000 customers, 0.70 Orange customers registered complaints, up from the 0.50 figure from three months ago. By contrast, 0.33 out of 1,000 TalkTalk punters registered complaints, down from 0.35 in the previous survey.

The figures also show that BT broadband customers are only slightly less complainy than TalkTalk ones, notching up 0.30 moans per 1,000 subscribers.

Sky and Virgin Media customers seem the most content with their broadband lot. These two ISPs were the only ones who scored below average for complaints, racking up 0.08 and 0.10 complaints per 1,000 respectively.

Customers were polled during December last year. Stacked up against figures from previous surveys, you can see that TalkTalk’s efforts to improve its customer services is having an effect and that since records began in October 2010.

Virgin Media complaints have never broken the 0.20 per 1,000 barrier and the number of complaints made by Sky customers has consistently fallen over the last eight surveys.


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