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Smarty plants: Parrot’s Pot and Flower Power H2O do the watering for you

Drone maker Parrot is getting even more green-fingered with its latest gardening gadgets, the connected Pot and the Flower Power H2O. 

These two automated watering systems will help you keep your thirsty plants well fed when you’re away on holiday or on a business trip – or whenever you’re simply too busy/lazy to water your plants anyway. 

The first of the two devices, the Parrot Pot, is the more advanced. Similar to those freezer mugs, the Pot has an inner cavity that you keep topped up with water. Unlike freezer mugs, where the liquid never leaves this inner chamber, the Parrot Pot regularly ejects streams of water from this 2.2 litre reservoir into the soil. 

Check out the rest of Recombu’s CES 2015 coverage hereSensors built in to the Pot itself will detect how much water is needed for your beloved flora. Drawing from a data bank containing info on over 8,000 types of plant, the Parrot Pot will eventually figure out how much liquid your plant will need every day and will regularly spurt water onto the soil at the appropriate time. 

The second offering from Parrot this CES is the Flower Power H2O. Something of a life hack-type upgrade of the original Flower Power product, the H2O edition does everything that the original does, but comes with a bracket that lets you screw in virtually any screw-top bottle, pour in some water and voila, you’ve got a smart reservoir that’ll keep your plants fed for up to three weeks.  

Bottles of up to 2 litres can be fixed to the Flower Power H2O. As with the Parrot Pot, your plant will be watered automatically at the correct intervals, according to the info from the Parrot database. 

Both products let you remotely monitor the conditions of your plants through your phone (iOS, Android) so you can check in on them when you’re on a long business trip or on holiday. 

The Parrot Pot promises up to a month’s worth of automatic watering while the Flower Power H2O, with a 2-litre bottle attached, promises up to three weeks of floral refreshment. If you’re going to be away for longer then you might need to make an old-fashioned call and get your neighbours or friends to pop round and water the plants for you. 

Both the Parrot Pot and the Flower Power H2O are due to go on sale at some point this year. Prices have yet to be announced but given that the last-gen Parrot Flower Power costs around £40 now, expect both of these, particularly the Pot, to be a little north of that. 


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