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Parrot Pot and Flower Power H2O hands on video at CES 2015

In what must be our greenest hands on to date, we take a closer look at Parrot’s automatic flower feeders, the Pot and Flower Power H2O. 

As we reported earlier in the week both of these products are sophisticated watering devices that intelligently regulated the amount of water your plants get. 

Both the Pot and the Flower Power H2O do more than simply take the chore out of having to hose your plants yourself. Using an array of sensors to measure temperature, soil moisture and sunlight, Parrot’s connected gardening assistants determine how much water to release. 

Parrot’s extensive database covers the behaviour of thousands of plants. By combining things such as temperature, sunlight and moisture, Parrot reckons its products will be able to intelligently regulate growth. 

The only input required from you is to keep those hoppers topped up. The Parrot Pot’s reservoir has a volume of 2.2 litres. 

The Flower Power H2O – essentially a reworked version of last year’s Flower Power – lets you recycle old drinking water bottles. It’s been designed specifically to let you screw in an old fizzy pop bottle with the bottom cut off. 

Parrot says that you’ll be able to screw in bottles of up to 2 litres in volume. It of course depends on physics; if you can stand a full upside-down bottle of any volume up in the Flower Power and not have the plant pot fall over, then go crazy. 

Check out our tour of the Parrot booth at CES 2015 for a closer look of the products. Parrot will release the Pot and the Flower Power H2O later this year. Prices are still TBC, but expect both of them to be upwards of £40, the current asking price for the original Flower Power


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