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Petnet SmartFeeder lets you feed the cat when you’re on holiday

Petnet’s SmartFeeder is a robotic food dispenser that lets you feed your pets when you’re not around. 

Taking those self-filling dry food hoppers to the next level, Petnet lets you regulate the amount of kibbles your four-legged friends can eat whenever they’re hungry. 

As well as letting you keep your cats and dogs fed if you’re out on holiday or on a long trip, Petnet says that its SmartFeeder can also help your pets lose weight and eat more healthily by providing regular, small doses of food. 

Greedy pets can be stopped from gulping everything down in one go and developing weight problems later in life. 

Petnet says that its connected grub silo will also keep track of how much food is stored inside it. When it detects that you’re running low, it’ll send out an order for more Whiskas or Pedigree Chum to be sent to your house. Of course, if you’re on holiday, it won’t help unless you’ve got a friend or neighbour to come in and load it up for you. 

Petnet SmartFeeder lets you feed the cat when you’re on holiday
Cat: I can haz cheezburger? Petnet: …Soon.

It’s not known exactly how this aspect of Petnet will work and if customers will be able to tie pet food orders in with their regular Ocado shop. 

Provided this can be ironed out we think that a Petnet combined with a Kittyo would make the ultimate remote cat care system. 

The SmartFeeder, like so many smart home gadgets shown off at CES 2015, can be controlled remotely with a phone. Right now, it looks like there’s only an iOS app available but if the SmartFeeder takes off, it’s only a matter of time before an Android version hits Google Play. 

Due to go on general sale this summer – just in time for the holiday season – you can pre-order a SmartFeeder now Petnet’s site for $199 (£132) down from the regular cost of $249 (£165), plus shipping. 


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