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I can haz Jelly Bean? Hands on with Petnet’s SmartFeeder at CES 2015

SmartFeeder is a connected pet food dispenser that lets you feed your cat or dog when you’re not at home. 

It’s an intelligent device that delivers food to your pets in tiny, tablespoon-sized amounts so that your beloved pet doesn’t gorge themselves silly when you’re not around to feed them. 

Whether you’re away on holiday or working late, if you’ve got a full SmartFeeder you can rest assured that your kitty or doggie can at least be fed properly, even if you’re not around to give it attention or take it for walkies. 

Hitting shelves this summer, we got to take a closer look at the SmartFeeder at CES 2015. 

Food portions are measured in calories and you can tweak how many per portion are served up through an iPhone app. This lets you tweak things manually depending on the age, breed and weight of your pet. 

Petnet’s rep told us that the company is currently running trials with 5,000 units across the US now with a view to seeing how it can run a service that automatically adds orders for more food once the device detects that it’s running low. Petnet boasts that it’s got the world’s biggest database on pet foods that covers roughly 80 per cent of the brands out there. 

We’re not quite sold about how this element of Petnet’s service would work – surely it’d just be easier to get a notification sent to your phone once supplies were running low and you then put in an order on a shopping app to head to the stores yourself? All the same, we’re eager to see where this one goes. 

The SmartFeeder will go on sale for $249 (£165) later this year. Early birds who want to pre-order can do so and get a discount which’ll see you paying $199 (£132) instead.

Check out our video below and let us know what you think in the comments. 


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