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Philips’s Hue Go is a portable colour-changing wireless bowl of light

Philips is breaking its connected colour-changing light bulbs out of the living room with the new portable, bowl-shaped Hue Go. 

Boasting a three hour battery life, the Hue Go can be used to provide temporary mood lighting in a room. Like the regular static Hue bulbs, the colours emitted by the glowing Hue Go can be controlled by a phone app or an IFTTT recipe

Launching later this month, the Hue Go will cost around £80, slightly above the average price of the 9 watt colour Hue bulbs (£50) and closer to the average price of the Hue Lightstrips (£70-£80). 

Leonardo Avezzano, product marketing director of Philips Hue said: “The digitisation of light opened up a whole new world of possibilities; it allowed us all to create light and control lights in our home instantly, at the swipe of a finger. 

Read our Philips Hue Tips & Tricks feature“Philips Hue Go takes this to the next phase – it delivers total freedom with light allowing us to light any moment or transform any space, anywhere, from the bedroom to the garden.” 

While Avezzano is keen to emphasise the possibilities of the Hue Go, it’s worth noting that it’s not totally waterproof. While it’s built to withstand humidity, it’s not meant to live outside and will almost certainly not stand up to the invariably sodden British summer season. On those few rain-free days we’re afforded, Hue Go could be a nice way to lighten up a summer party once the sun goes down.  

As with other products from the Hue range, the Hue Go is compatible with other products from the Friends With Hue range. You can pair it with other Hue bulbs to create combined ‘light recipes’. 

Five natural dynamic effects are included – Cozy Candle, Sunday Coffee, Meditation, Enchanted Forest and Night Adventure – and you can pick from over 16 million colours to set the tone via the Hue apps. 

Hue Go will be available from Apple, John Lewis and Amazon. 


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