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PlayStation 4 launches with BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Lovefilm Instant

Sony’s next-generation gaming powerhouse the PlayStation 4 goes on sale today and BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Lovefilm Instant are ready to stream out of the box. 

BBC iPlayer on the PlayStation 4 has the same layout as it does every other console and smart TV service out there. If you used iPlayer on the PlayStation 3 then you’ll be right at home. 

Those who’ve not watched episodes of EastEnders from a games console before shouldn’t find it too hard to get accustomed. Peter Lasko technical product manager for BBC iPlayer says that that the BBC and Sony have been working together to ensure that the service is as easy to pick up as possible from launch. 

PlayStation 4 launches with BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Lovefilm Instant
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Read Recombu Digital’s guides to BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Lovefilm InstantLasko said: “We can check that the buttons on a remote control or games controller do what is expected or that you can pause the video and resume the video [on iPlayer]. These sound very simple things, but every device is different and even the most subtle difference can be a problem.” 

As with BBC iPlayer, Netflix functions much in the same way as it did on the PlayStation 3. When you sign in you’ll be greeted with your profiles (if you’ve set any up) and your recommended titles will be served up. 

Should your broadband connection be up to the job, all services provide content in HD where available. Lovefilm has announced that its app supports Dolby Digital Plus (5.1) sound and full 1080p streaming. 

Amazon’s Whispersync bookmarking technology means that you’ll be able to start watching a movie on your phone or tablet and carry on where you left off on your PS4, and vice versa. Though ideally you’ll be able to sit down and enjoy a film or TV episode in one sitting, families and busy households will appreciate the ability to pause movies and carry on watching elsewhere. 

The Xbox One, which launched last week, does not currently feature BBC iPlayer but Netflix and Lovefilm Instant are both available to subscribers who have an Xbox LIVE Gold account. PlayStation 4 owners do not have to subscribe to PlayStation Plus, Sony’s equivalent of Xbox LIVE, to access catch-up services. 


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