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Plusnet trialling 330Mbps fibre optic broadband

Plusnet trialling 330Mbps fibre optic broadbandPlusnet has quietly announced that it’s trialling BT Openreach’s new 330Mbps fibre optic broadband service.

At the footnote of a blog post from late last week, Plusnet’s Bob Pullen said that the ISP is “running trials of Openreach’s 80Mbps FTTC and 330Mbps FTTP services” now.

Forum members on Plusnet’s community boards are already reporting high speeds of 300Mbps and above, with a high of 379.01Mbps being reported in one instance with a Technicolor TG799vn v2 router being used.

This morning BT Openreach announced the full commercial launch of its 330Mbps product, meaning that other ISPs will be able to rent FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) services from BT.

Note that Plusnet hasn’t jumped the gun here; these speed tests have taken place with customers selected for the trial. Should Plusnet take up BT’s offer, then customers ought to be able to order 330Mbps broadband directly.

We’re waiting to hear back from Plusnet (and others) about takeup of BT’s FTTP services, so stay tuned for updates.


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