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Primus Saver’s new unlimited broadband prices revealed

Budget ISP Primus Saver has revealed three new unlimited broadband plans to replace its limited 20GB tariff. 

Primus Saver has announced three new broadband plans to replace its 20GB data limit tariff that will be discontinued on August 1. 

As reported earlier in the week, Primus Saver’s price plans will vary according to whether you require a home phone plan, but will remain competitive. 

A picture of Les Claypool from the band Primus. Primus has nothing to do with the ISP Primus Saver.
A picture of Les Claypool from the band Primus. Primus has nothing to do with the ISP Primus Saver.

The Basic plan is a £2.50/month broadband-only deal that will not include any calls, but you’ll get unlimited broadband. Line rental will cost £14.90/month taking the total cost to £17.40/month. 

If you want free evening and weekend landline calls, the £4/month Saver package gives you these in addition to unlimited ADSL broadband, plus line rental charged at the same £14.90 rate. 

The top-end Max package will also cost £4 for unlimited broadband, but you can pay an additional £3.00 a month for inclusive anytime UK calls. Line rental is slightly more expensive here at £15.40 per month. 

Both the Saver and Max packages will come with a six month promotional discount. The cost of broadband will be cut to £2, making the total cost for the Saver service £16.90/month compared to the usual price of £18.90/month. 

Primus Saver’s Max package will instead set you back £20.40/month compared to the standard price of £22.40/month. 

Primus Saver explained it was changing its tariffs to reflect trends in the market that show customers want unlimited broadband deals rather than capped plans. According to the current Terms & Conditions on Primus Saver’s site, no traffic management is applied to the unlimited deals. 

The company’s previous plan cost £15.19 a month (£13.99 line rental + £4 broadband) and consisted of a 20GB data limit, a free router and free evening and weekend calls. 

Here’s how the standard prices (without discounts) for the new Primus Saver packages break down: 

  Primus Saver Basic Primus Saver Saver Primus Saver Max
Broadband £2.50 £4 £4
Line Rental £14.90 £14.90 £15.40
Calls  n/a Evening & Weekend Anytime
Total Monthly Cost £17.40 £18.90 £19.40

Primus Saver’s 38Mbps and 76Mbps and fibre-based products will also be discontinued at the end of this week. Recombu understands that this is only temporary and that Primus Saver will consider relaunching FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet)-based services following Ofcom’s review of Openreach pricing later this year


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