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Primus Saver to rebrand as Fuel Broadband

Budget ISP Primus Saver is to rebrand itself as Fuel Broadband on October 1. 

It’s not yet known if Fuel Broadband will be launching any new packages or changing prices. Primus Saver launched a new £2 unlimited broadband service back in August at the same time as it scrapped its FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) packages. 

Owners New Call Telecom wanted the new name to reflect the fact that broadband is regarded as a utility by customers and that it ‘fuels’ an increasing number of activities. 

Give me Fuel give me fire: Primus Saver will adopt its new moniker in October
Give me Fuel give me fire: Primus Saver will adopt its new moniker in October

Nigel Eastwood, New Call’s founder and chief executive, said: “Fuel Broadband has been born out of our many conversations with those customers and it is clear they value simplicity and transparency in their choice of broadband supplier.
“Fuel will power customers’ digital lives and simplify their Internet experience providing a service that works quickly and cost effectively. We are very excited about Fuel as the latest innovation by New Call and the next stage of our growth.”

Primus is one of the cheapest ISPs in the UK, its basic service even beating a budget broadband offering recently launched by 99p Stores

The entry level package is a broadband only service is priced at £2.50/month, plus £14.90 for line rental. 

Bundles with evening and weekend and anytime landline calls can be taken for a total of £18.90/month of £19.40/month. 


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