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Royal Institution Christmas lectures will show you how to hack your home

Young engineers will get a lesson in hacking their homes from Britain’s oldest scientific club this Christmas.

The Royal Institution’s Christmas lectures on Sparks will fly: How to hack your home will be hosted by Professor Danielle George, an expert in radio frequency engineering.

Professor George will show viewers how to hack a light bulb, a telephone and a motor to change their way of life and make their home smart without investing thousands of pounds in a smart home system, with the lextures also going out on BBC Four.

Who's have thought you can create your own smart home from one of these, a motor and a phone?
Who’s have thought you can create your own smart home from one of these, a motor and a phone?

Professor Danielle George said: “Today’s generation of young people are in a truly unique position. They have never been more equipped to be creative and innovative.

“I want young people to realise that that they have the power to change the world from their bedroom, kitchen table or garden shed.

“If we all take control of the technology around us and think creatively, then solving some of the world’s greatest challenges is only a small step away. I believe everyone has the potential to be an inventor!”

The series will inspire people to look outside of the products presented the them in shops and online – whether that be a smart TV, a lighting systems or a networked speaker system – and instead create their own devices using items commonly found in the home using radio frequency and microwave communications.

Royal Institution Christmas Lectures have traditionally showcased some of the biggest trends in science and technology since they began in 1825, and are designed to inspire children to get involved with science.

Last year, the Royal Institution Christmas Lecture was called Life Fantastic with Alison Woollard and focused on life and death through a variety of life forms, while housewives’ favourite Professor Brian Cox hosted the previous season.

Cassian Harrison, channel editor at BBC Four said: “As an inveterate electronics tinkerer in my youth, I think these lectures by Danielle – on how you can co-opt everyday tech to all kinds of wild and wonderful uses – will be both stimulating and enthralling. I’ll be watching avidly.”


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