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Samsung and LG threaten Xbox and Playstation with cloud gaming

Samsung and LG are hoping to muscle in Xbox and Playstation with smart TVs that can run console-style games streamed from the internet.

The ‘cloud gaming’ apps stream high-quality games over broadband, with online servers doing all the heavy processing normally done by your games console.

Samsung is teaming up with Gaikai, while LG will partner with OnLive, which is already being promoted by BT for use with its broadband service.

Gaikai games on Samsung smart TV

UK users may have to wait, however – both services were unveiled at the E3 gaming convention in the USA, and there are no UK launch dates available yet.

Samsung’s currently looking for US-based beta testers to play games on the LED 7000 series and higher models in its 2012 range, using wired controllers (although phones and tablets will probably be alternative controllers).

LG’s deal with OnLive includes 3D games, but it uses LG’s Google TV sets, which won’t come to the UK until 2013. LG also has wireless games controllers and includes 30 minutes free gaming to try each title before you buy.

Games on Gaikai include Alan Wake, Rayman Origins, Bulletstorm and Mass Effect 3. OnLive titles include Ravages, Darksiders II and Assassin’s Creed.

The CEOs of LG, Samsung, Gaikai, and OnLive gaming all expressed their delight at turning TVs into games consoles.

Both LG and Samsung are launching TVs with dual-core processors which can power high definition games graphics like those found on the latest smartphones and tablets.


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