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Samsung to bring over 50 4K Ultra HD titles to its Smart TVs: UPDATED

Samsung has announced plans to launch a 4K Ultra HD content platform, with over 50 4K titles arriving throughout 2014. 

At CES 2014, Samsung has reportedly confirmed that the Korean company is seeking partnerships with Netflix, Amazon, Comcast Xfinity TV, DirecTV and M-Go. 

As well launching a 4K on demand library, Samsung will bundle a 4K Video Pack, containing popular 4K movies with its TV sets. 

Samsung’s 110-inch 4K TV might be impressive, but what is there to watch on it?

No titles have been mentioned, but Pocket-lint reports that talks with 20th Century Fox and Paramount are in place. 

Samsung wants to create an easy and convenient 4K package for viewers, as part of a plan to drive sales of 4K Ultra HD Smart TVs. 

While more 4K TVs are appearing on the market now there still exists the problem of there really not being that much 4K content to watch right now. Broadcast standards for 4K are still being defined and with the exception of House of Cards on Netflix, there really isn’t that much available in terms of on-demand content. 

By providing something that shows off the power of their 4K set once they’ve bought it, Samsung might be able to convince potential punters to part with their cash. Of course the price tag and UK availability are factors; while Netflix and Amazon (under the Lovefilm brand) operate in the UK, the partners mentioned above don’t, so us Brits might not see the fruits of Samsung’s 4K content labours, at least not for a while. 

Update: Samsung has announced more details of its content deals, confirming that Amazon Studios, Warner Bros, Lionsgate, 20th Century Fox and Discovery are on board. 

Kyungshik Lee, senior vice president of the service strategy team of visual display business for Samsung Electronics said: “2014 will be a breakthrough year for Ultra HD and it is important to deliver on not only the top-of-the-line products but also great content to fully enjoy the benefits of Ultra HD.” 

“Samsung is launching its biggest line of Ultra HD TVs and is excited to work with content services like Amazon Instant Video to bring the clarity and lifelike quality of 4K to our customers.” 

Image: Samsung Tomorrow/Flickr


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