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Schlage’s HomeKit-happy Sense lock lets you open your front door with Siri

Home security expert Schlage’s new Sense system will let you unlock your front door by talking to Siri. 

The forthcoming range of Sense locks will be fully compatible with Apple’s HomeKit system, meaning you’ll be able to use your iPhone instead of your boring old, battery-less keys. 

To allay any fears over security, Schlage says that HomeKit compatibility confers end to end encryption that means only you and your iOS device will be able to get through the front door. 

It’s also been awarded Grade 1 security, the highest accolade awarded from the BHMA (Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association) trade organisation in the US. 

Steve Down, residential leader of Schlage’s parent company Allegion said: “The Schlage Sense system, our most technologically advanced lock system yet, gives homeowners the ability to incorporate home automation on their own terms.”

For those without iOS devices – and for iPad owners who think that unlocking doors with tablets is just dumb – there’s also a back lit touchpad that lets you tap in door codes. The Schlage Sense system can save up to 30 door codes which can be managed through a mobile app. 

It’s unclear how else HomeKit integration could benefit buyers, besides offering a secure Demolition Man-esque lock. Perhaps connected light bulbs could ping on or your coffee maker could whip you up a fresh latte the second you successfully open the front door, or trigger smart cameras to start recording in the event of any suspicious tampering. 

The Schlage Sense locks will be available in two styles – Camelot and Century. It’s not clear from the sole press render above which one is which. Buyers will also be able to get Sense locks in a number of finishes including satin nickel, matt black and an ‘aged bronze’ look to match the look of various homes. 

Prices and launch dates for the Schlage Sense locks are not yet available but we’ll keep you posted. 


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