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Sky unwraps capped £10/month up to 38Mbps Fibre broadband product

Sky has launched a new entry-level superfast broadband service, Sky Fibre. 

Like the Sky Fibre Unlimited product, this is an FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) product that lets you access download speeds of up to 38Mbps. 

Costing a tenner a month on top of £16.40/month for line rental Sky Fibre is one of the more affordable 18 month superfast deals out there. 

Lyssa McGowan, director of Sky Broadband, commented: “We’re always looking to give customers even more reasons to choose Sky. Sky Fibre means we can now offer superfast speeds for just £10 a month – the lowest standard price in the UK. It’s perfect for those who want to try fibre for the first time.”

Sky Talk Weekends (unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines) is also bunged in for no extra cost, as is the Sky Broadband Shield parental control service

As it’s name suggests, Sky Fibre is a limited service – it comes with a 25GB monthly data cap. This will be enough for people who only stream the occasional film in addition to general web browsing. Heavier users should reach for something a little stronger – especially if you want to try to stream 4K content from Netflix

As with the basic Sky Lite ADSL service, which features a 2GB cap, customers who consistently exceed the 25GB cap will eventually be bumped up to the mid-tier Sky Fibre Unlimited service. 

Sky Fibre Unlimited costs £20/month plus £16.40/month line rental (for a total of £36.40) and brings unlimited downloads to the table along with free weekend calls to UK landlines. 

There are however no out of bundle charges for going over that 25GB cap, but you will be notified in advance of you being moved up to Fibre Unlimited. 


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