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Sky apps: from Sky+ to Sports, Movies, Arts and News

What apps has Sky released?

Sky has become a prolific releaser of apps, both for its subscribers and the general public, on iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone or Symbian.

Sky apps: from Sky+ to Sports, Movies, Arts and News

  • Sky+: A subscriber-only TV guide that lets you send remote recording commands over the internet to your Sky+ box. The iPad and iPhone editions also have extensive remote control functions over your home network.
  • Sky Go: On-demand and live streaming video for Sky TV subscribers, on Android, iOS, PC, Mac and Xbox 360. If you don’t have a Sky subscription, you can also get Sky Go on its own.
  • Sky Sports for iPad: An iPad-only app for subscribers, that combines the latest news in text and video, with live streaming of Sky Sports channels 1-4, Sky Sports News and Sky Sports F1, with multiple camera angles, real-time highlights and leaderboards.
  • Sky Sports TV: For iPhone, iPod Touch and selected Android phones, this app lets Sky Sports subscribers watch the sports channels on the move via WiFi or 3G. Those without a Sky subscription can subscribe in-app for £4.99/month (€5.49) to get Sky Sports 1-4, F1, News, ESPN and At The Races, as well as Sky News.
  • Sky Sports News: The latest scores, fixtures, results and tables on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android and Windows Phone, with video reports and streaming Sky Sports News Radio. Available to anyone.
  • Sky Sports Live Football Centre: Free-for-all live scores, commentary, league tables, match stats, team line-ups and player profiles on iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry and Android.
  • Sky Sports Live Cricket Centre: Free-for-all updates on all international Test, ODI and Twenty20 matches, and comprehensive news on all county games. Plus video reactions, live text commentary, photos, scorecards, fixtures and league tables, on iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Sky Movies: iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad owners can get movie news and reviews about the latest releases on Sky Movies, Sky Store and in cinemas.
  • Sky Cloud WiFi: Sky Broadband Unlimited, Connect or Fibre customers can use this app to find and log in to The Cloud WiFi hotspots across the UK, using their iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android device.
  • Sky News: Breaking news and video clips, free to anyone on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and Symbian.
  • Sky Arts: Location-based free app that sends tells users when they’re near a cultural landmark and supplies images and video to explain it.

Why are there more Sky apps for iOS than Android?

Sky claims that the Apple market is easy to develop for, with a small number of devices and few variations to the OS.

The Android market is fragmented, says Sky, by many different devices, each with a different version of Android, often customised by mobile phone operators.

This seems to be changing with the arrival of Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) and the emergence of several super-brands of phone and tablet like the HTC One series, Samsung Galaxy S family, Sony Xperia and the Google Nexus tablets.

Previous news stories about Sky apps

Sky Arts GPS app inspires users while they’re art and about

Sky’s latest iPhone app will send you an alert as you pass places of cultural importance around the UK and Ireland.

Open the alert, and the Sky Arts app will let you collect a virtual ticket, telling you what happened with pictures and video clips – much of it linked to shows on Sky Arts 1 and 2.

Sky Arts app

Inspirational moments include John Lydon talking about the Sex Pistols at the 100 Club in London, or Yoko Ono talk about John Lennon near her 2008 Sky Ladders sculpture project in the ruins of Liverpool’s Church of St Luke.

You can select to receive alerts about Art, Comedy, Theatre, Film, Dance, Music and Books, and can receive anything from one a day to every five minutes – if you’re in the right place.

The Sky Arts app is free to anyone with an iPhone 3GS and later and iOS 5 and above, and uses mobile phone, WiFi and GPS to monitor your location.

December 6, 2012


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