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Sky Broadband: 5 million subscribers and counting, watch your back BT

Sky’s latest quarterly results reveal that the company has signed up over 5 million broadband subscribers. 

The company added an extra 111,000 customers to its broadband base over the last three months which has grown by 914,000 since a year ago. 

This places Sky firmly in second place in the UK’s broadband leaderboard, closer to the top but still some way off overtaking BT

Sky Broadband: 5 million subscribers and counting, watch your back BT

Read more about Recombu Digital’s UK Broadband Customer League TableThe total number of landline Sky Talk customers is 4.6 million, with the majority of those (4.52 million) choosing to pay Sky for line rental. 

Sky chief executive Jeremy Darroch revealed that over a third of customers choose to take all three services – TV, broadband and home phone – from Sky: 

“We were particularly pleased with the continued strong performance in home communications. Quarterly growth in broadband was up on last year taking us past the 5-million customer milestone. 

“In all, 36 per cent of customers now choose to take all three of TV, broadband and telephony from Sky, over half a million more than last year.” 

That’s 519,000 more than a year ago, meaning the number of customers who take all three services is 4.03 million. Sky’s total number of retail customers is 11.2 million. 

Not included in the company’s figures was a breakdown of how many customers are taking the ADSL-based Sky Unlimited and Sky Lite products and the more advanced FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet)-based Sky Fibre Unlimited and Sky Fibre Unlimited Pro products. 

Sky Fibre is available in most, but not every location that Openreach has connected as part of BT’s £2.5 billion investment. This is on track to connect 19 million UK premises by Spring 2014, which, along with BDUK (Broadband Delivery for the UK) greatly increase the availability of Sky Fibre. 


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