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Monument Valley makers signed up to develop Sky’s new kids TV app

Sky has enlisting the talents of Monument Valley makers ustwo to help develop a new mobile TV app for kids. 

Aimed at children aged 4-9, the new app will let younger viewers to take in all their favourite shows, including content from Cartoon Network HD, Nickelodeon and Disney on phones and tablets. 

On board parental controls including time limits can be activated to keep the service age appropriate and stop young eyes from binge-watching when they should be doing homework or getting some sleep. 

The decision to draft in ustwo to develop the app could well prove to be the real masterstroke from however. The team has won numerous awards for its mobile games, including two BAFTAs for the amazing Monument Valley. Ustwo also had a hand in developing the user experience of Tesco’s Hudl tablets as well as the YouView version of 4oD (now called All 4) alongside Channel 4’s Future Media & Technology team. 

Stephen van Rooyen, Chief Marketing and Digital Officer, Sky commented: “We want kids to have access to all their favourite shows when and on whatever device they want, in a way that parents know is creative, engaging but ultimately, safe. 

“Sky has always focused on providing great entertainment for the whole family which is why we are continuing to invest in what we offer the youngest members of the household.” 

Sky is aiming to have the new app up and running by early 2016. This follows in the wake of 

Sky bumping up its on-demand library to include 4,000 episodes of kids shows as well as the launch of Amazon’s Fire For Kids Unlimited service and Hopster, an on-demand service aimed at children that’s available for iOS, EE TV, Freesat and Samsung smart TV. 


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