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Sky Q Silver, Away: Sky’s next-gen fluid-viewing telly service goes on sale

Sky Q is available to order now. The latest subscription TV service from Sky offers 4K-ready hardware, multiroom viewing and the ability to record up to four shows at once, while watching a fifth. 

On top of that there’s the signature My Q feature, which makes for seamless syncing between devices; you can easily resume watching a programme at the exact moment you left off on either an iOS or Android tablet or through a Sky Q Mini set-top box in another room. 

Advanced search features mean you can easily comb for more relevant content literally at the touch of a button. The Sky Q mini guide will pull in recommendations and let you manage recordings without interrupting what you’re watching. 

We’ve gone hands on with Sky Q here and can say that the reality lives up to the hype. It’s very slick indeed, but how much does it all cost? 

Sky Q starts at £42/month with set-up fees beginning at £99. We’ve got a full breakdown of the prices here which you’ll want to read if you’re in any way interested about getting Sky Sports in 4K later this year. You’ll need a Sky Q Silver box if you want some of that. 

We’ve listed Sky Q specifications here, alongside a round up of what we think are the best Sky Q deals going

If you’re heard all of this before and you can’t wait to put your money on the counter, you can head over to Sky’s site now to sign up.


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