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Sky Q now available to order for non-Sky Broadband customers

Customers who don’t want Sky Broadband can now put in an order for Sky Q, Sky’s next-gen smart TV service. 

Previously, Sky Q was only available to customers who were happy to take up or switch to Sky Broadband. This is due to many of Sky Q’s features, namely access to on-demand services and multi-screen streams to devices within the home a la EE TV, requiring a broadband connection. 

Sky Sports 4K Ultra HD demo: First impressionsIt’s understood that Sky was testing out the on-demand elements of Sky Q with its own broadband customers first, before testing it with a variety of other provider’s hardware and broadband services. 

While it’s still unclear as to when non-Sky Broadband customers will be able to get Sky Q installed, sources have confirmed that you will be able to order it regardless of who your ISP is from today onwards. 

Taking Sky Broadband or Sky Movies and/or Sky Sports with a Sky Q subscription can see the set-up fees falling. The amount you’ll pay ranges from £99 to £349 and depends greatly on whether you’re upgrading from a Sky+HD package or not. We’ve broken down all of the Sky Q subscriptions and set-up fees here

As well as delivering linear Sky TV channels in high definition, Sky Q will feature a number of 4K channels later in the year. The exact number of 4K channels Sky will launch is unknown, but Andrew Olson, Sky’s director of new products said last year that the line-up would include sports, movies and entertainment channels


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