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Sky Q prices revealed: Starting at £42/month for new customers

Sky’s announced prices for forthcoming smart TV service Sky Q: £42/month for the basic Sky Q Bundle or £54/month for the Sky Q Silver Bundle.  

The entry level Sky Q deal sees you get the basic Sky Q box, which lets you send live TV streams to one extra tablet and record up to 150 hours of content on the 1TB drive. 

What is Sky Q? Full spec breakdownSky price rises June 2016: How are Sky+ and Sky Q customers affected?The Sky Q Silver Bundle gives you the bigger Sky Q Silver box which comes with a 2TB hard drive, supports streaming on up to two extra tablets and two Sky Q Mini streamers. Sky Go Extra, which lets you stream content on up to four mobile devices when you’re out of the home, is included as standard. 

Set up costs for both of these bundles start at £99, but how much you’ll pay ultimately depends on whether or not you’re going to take a Sky Broadband service and/or Sky Sports or Sky Movies channels. Prices change if you’re an existing Sky TV subscriber thinking of upgrading. Customers who want to take the bigger Sky Q Silver box with the basic Sky Q Bundle will need to shell out a little more too. 

There’s a lot to take in, so we’ve broken all of the prices down in in this easily readable format.

When does Sky Q go on sale?

Sky Q will go on sale from Tuesday, February 9 onwards. Folks interested in signing up can register their interest here

Sky Q one-off fees for new customers

  With Sky Broadband or Sky Sports/Sky Movies Without Sky Broadband or Sky Sports/Sky Movies
Sky Q Bundle (inc. Sky Q Box) £99 £249
Sky Q Bundle (inc. Sky Q Silver Box) £149 £299
Sky Q Silver Bundle (inc. Sky Q Silver Box, 1 Sky Q Mini) £99 £299

Sky Q one-off fees for upgrading Sky TV customers with HD or Multiscreen

  With Sky Broadband or Sky Sports/Sky Movies Without Sky Broadband or Sky Sports/Sky Movies
Sky Q Bundle (inc. Sky Q Box) £249 £249
Sky Q Bundle (inc. Sky Q Silver Box) £299 £299
Sky Q Silver Bundle (inc. Sky Q Silver Box, 1 Sky Q Mini) £99 £299

An installation charge of £50 also applies to existing Sky customers, which sees the one off fees rising to £149, £299 and £349 respectively. 

While the Sky Q Silver Bundle includes one Sky Q Mini streamer, it’s capable of supporting up to two. You’ll be able to buy an additional Sky Q Mini for £99. 

While Sky Q’s on demand services will work with any broadband service, if you want those set-top boxes to double as WiFi access points – you’ll need to take Sky Broadband. 

With this in mind, here’s a refresher on how much that’ll cost you – note that the prices here do no reflect the 12 months discount promotion Sky’s currently running. Sky Broadband Lite customers can’t benefit from the Sky Q discount explained above, so we’ve not listed it here.  

How much is Sky Broadband?

  Sky Broadband Unlimited Sky Fibre Sky Fibre Unlimited
Download speed up to 17Mbps up to 38Mbps up to 38Mbps
Unlimited unlimited 25GB unlimited
Standard price £10/month £10/month £20/month
Line Rental £17.40/month £17.40/month £17.40/month
Standard total £27.40/month £27.40/month £37.40/month

How much is Sky Q with Sky Broadband? 

The Sky Q Bundle (£42/month) works out at £69.40/month with the first two bundes and £79.40/month if you take it with Sky Fibre Unlimited. 

Taking the Sky Q Silver Bundle (£54/month) with Sky Broadband works out at £81.40/month for the first two services and £91.40/month with Sky Fibre Unlimited. 

On top of that, the standard activation fee of £50 may apply for any new Sky Fibre customers. 

How much is Sky Movies and Sky Sports with Sky Q

Sky Movies, comprising all 11 Sky Movies channels plus access to over 1,000 movies on demand, is available for an extra £17/month.

Sky Sports, which consists of seven Sky Sports channels, can be had for an extra £25.50/month.

These add up to £42.50/month, but they can also be taken as together as a bundle for £34.50/month. 

  Sky Movies Sky Sports Movies + Sports Bundle
Sky Q Bundle £59/month £67.50/month £76.50/month
Sky Q Silver Bundle £71/month £79.50/month £88.50/month

Will I need to get a new satellite dish for Sky Q?

You won’t need to get a new dish, but you will need to have a different LNB (low-noise block downconverter) installed. This is the device that sits on the end of your dish’s arm and will be installed by Sky’s engineers when they come to set up Sky Q in your home. 

The flipside of this, is that you won’t be able to use your old Sky+HD box as this needs the older LNB. You could, theoretically get around this problem by having a second dish installed, but that’s an expensive, and for some customers, an impractical workaround. 


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