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Sky Q introduces Sports Split Screen: All you need to know

Sky Sports is now offering split-screen action for Sky Q customers, so you can watch two sporting live streams side-by-side or enjoy highlights during live footy or F1 action. Here’s how Sports Split Screen works, and how you can access the feature on Sky Q.

If you often find yourself flicking between two different football or tennis matches, or you wish you could see replays alongside a live sports stream, then Sky Q’s new Sports Split Screen mode is really going to polish your gooseberries. The Split Screen Mode goes live today and here’s how it works.

What is Sky Q’s new Sports Split Screen feature?

Essentially the Sports Split Screen update allows you to watch two awesome sporting things on your TV at once. The different options are:

Sky Sports Split Screen: Live Streams

The Live Streams option allows you to watch two live sports events side-by-side, split right down the middle of your TV. With Sky’s Match Choice streams you can enjoy two football matches or tennis games side-by-side when they’re on at the same time. Or with Race Choice, you can see two different angles during a Formula One race.

Sky Sports Split Screen: Highlights Video Clips

With the Highlights Video Clips option, you can check out highlight clips from the Premier League or Formula One on one half of the screen, while watching live action on the other half. These highlights are hand-picked by Sky and pop up as thumbnails, which you can select with your remote to play.

Note that you can only watch highlights for the live event that you’re watching; there’s no way currently to watch highlights from a different match or event.

When playing a highlight clip, audio from the live event will be momentarily muted. You can cancel a highlight clip at any time and return to the live action.

How do I use the new Sky Sports Split Screen feature?

If you have a Sky Q 1TB or 2TB box, then all you need to do is push the magical red button on your Sky remote and open the Sky Sports app. From this menu you can choose Match Choice, Race Choice or Highlights, depending on what you want to enjoy.

What upcoming Sky Sports events support Sky Sports Split Screen?

Here’s some hot sporting action coming in October 2016 that supports the new Sports Split Screen feature:

Thurs Oct 6 – Tues Oct 11

World Cup Qualifiers, available on Split Screen: Live Streams (Match Choice)

Fri Oct 7 – Sun Oct 9

F1 Japan Grand Prix, available on Split Screen: Live Streams (Race Choice) and Split Screen: Video Clips

Tues Oct 11 – Fri Oct 14

ATP Shanghai, available on Split Screen: Live Streams (Tennis Match Choice)


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