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Smart energy monitor Smappee working on Apple HomeKit integration

Smappee, the system that works out which appliances in your home are using the most energy, is working on integrating with Apple HomeKit. 

The smart home system already works with IFTTT (If This Then That), which lets owners of Smappee integrate it with other things Philips Hue and Nest Protect

Now Smappee engineers are working on the arrival of Apple HomeKit, which should bring together smart home products from the likes of Honeywell and Tado

Smart heating monitor Smappee working on Apple HomeKit integration
There’s an app for all of that: Smappee is working on HomeKit compatiblity

CEO Stefan Grosjean told Recombu that the Smappee mobile app, which nominally lets you check energy readings on the go, will also act as a magic remote for HomeKit-ready devices in your home. 

Grosjean said: “With future versions of the Smappee apps, users will be able to discover HomeKit accessories, find things like Philip Hue and car chargers and control them. It’s not something we can demonstrate fully today, but we’re working on it.” 

As HomeKit hasn’t launched yet and there are no devices in the market right now, it wasn’t possible to show off what Smappee could do. 

The primary function of Smappee is to let users know how much energy their fridge, TV, Xbox One and microwave are using when on standby and in use. Smappee says that it can identify the energy use patterns of up to 80 home appliances. 

The idea is that customers can get a better idea of what’s using the most juice and therefore save money by pro-actively switching them off then they’re not needed. 

Customers who would like to have some remote control can buy smart plugs from Smappee simple on/off switches that can be controlled from the mobile apps. One smart plug is bundled with the main Smappee unit (£169) and customers can pick up extra plugs in packs of three (£34.99) or six (£59.99). 


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