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Smart energy analyst Smappee aims to save start-ups a bundle with Pro package

Smappee, the company that lets you finger the biggest energy guzzlers in your home, has just announced a Pro package for start-ups and SMEs. 

Hitting the shelves next month, Smappee Pro offers the same basic service that you get with the current product and adds a raft of features tailored for businesses. 

This will allow office managers to identify where easy savings can be made, by monitoring energy use in real time from desktop and mobile apps. 

Spotting the appliances that suck up the most juice lets companies not only zero in on less energy efficient appliances, but monitor, in real time, the cost of leaving air conditioners, lights and machines running out of office hours. 

Smappee is like Shazam for appliances: Hands on with the smart energy analyserStefan Grosjean, chief executive officer and co-founder says: “We have leveraged our innovative smart home technology to create Smappee Pro. Together, Smappee, our flagship home energy monitor, and Smappee Pro can give consumers and businesses energy information and the ability to control their appliances remotely.” 

Remote control of appliances can only happen if you install a Smappee Comfort Plug (a peripheral that toggles mains power) on the devices you want the be able to turn off and on at will.  

Of course, there will be things in some parts of your business – pretty much everything in the server room for instance – that you won’t want to power down, so you won’t need to buy Comfort Plugs for absolutely every appliance you’ve got running. 

Once you’re set up, you’ll be able to quickly decide which devices in your office need controlling and take action from there. 

Smappee Pro can be set up to give managers a view of energy use across multiple offices, as well as see how much energy you’re generating from solar powers (if you’ve had them installed) too. 

The Smappee Pro apps promise super-granular data mining tools for managers, allowing them to see and report energy usage and calculate savings and the carbon footprints of offices – which could be useful when applying for environmental tax credits. 

Prices for Smappee Pro units have not yet been announced, but it’s expected that in order to pay for the extra business services, it’ll be a little higher than the £169 you’d shell out for a home unit. Comfort Plugs are currently charged at £35 for a pack of three. 


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