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SAM Strip Kickstarter smart plug will react to motion, temperature and light

Smart plugs that sense the world around them to control your kit are being pitched on Kickstarter.

The SAM Plug and SAM Strip have built-in sensors that monitor motion, energy consumption, temperature, time and ambient light that allow users to automate a home with patent-pending ‘Smart Rules’ based on these inputs.

According to the inventors of the devices, SensePlug, they were created with the intent to bring smart home technology and home automation into every type of household with no need for the consumer to be a technology wizard.

SAM Strip Kickstarter smart plug will react to motion, temperature and light
The SAM Strip will react to your world

“We designed SAM Plug and SAM Strip to be the Smartest Smart Home products on the market with the ability to Save, Automate and Monitor,” said Eddy Vromen, founder of SensePlug.

“Whether you want to save money by monitoring your energy usage, secure your home with motion sensors or control and automate any device in your house, SAM products allow you to do this and much more.”

SensePlug said its mobile app and ‘Plug-in and Go’ design allows the devices to be used by not just by novices but also technophliles who demand more control and power.

Customers in the UK and other non-US markets will be able to buy the SAM Strip, which combines the same sensors and control options, but has three plug sockets and two smart fast-charging USB ports, each of which can be controlled separately.

SensePlug’s smart rules mean a fan can be made to switch on when a certain temperature is reached, or a phone can be turned off once it is fully charged.

Multiple products from the firm will also be able to communicate with each other to give owners a complete smart home system.

“SAM connects your home to the Internet of Things,” said Vromen. “In addition to controlling your home remotely, and automating your home based on SAM’s sensors, SAM is designed to work with IFTTT, a growing service that puts the internet to work for you.”

The SAM Strip is available for pre-order on Kickstarter, with early adopter special price of $69, plus $25 shipping.


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