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Smart kitchen: Meld promises to cook you a perfect steak every time

Meld is a smart kitchen appliance that promises to let you cook a steak with your phone. 

Coming with the ambitious strapline “A Perfect Meal, Every Time,” Meld consists of a smart knob for your cooker (stop laughing) which communicates with your phone, allowing you to adjust the temperature anywhere you’ve got a data connection. 

The Meld set-up also features a smart probe (seriously, stop laughing) which allows you to remotely check the temperature. 

Using the Meld mobile app, you can specify instructions such as ‘cook until golden’ or ‘on a medium temperature’. 

The probe wirelessly sends temperature readings from your cookware to the Meld Knob, which automatically adjusts the heat, ensuring that you don’t cremate your food or serve it up to your guests raw in the middle. 

Thanks to Meld’s bank of recipes, the idea is you’ll be able to perfectly turn out ‘champagne poached salmon’ and steak cooked in a sous-vide. 

Already fully funded on Kickstarter, the Meld system should be available to buy for $149 (£99) once it’s launched. 

The project has already well exceeded its $50,000 (£33,400) target, but with 30 days to go at the time of writing you can still get involved. Anyone can offer support starting at $1, just for the shiny happy feelings of benevolence, but if you stump up $129 (£86) you’ll get the Meld Knob and Clip once they’re ready to ship.

Mind that as it’s a US-based project, you’ll have to pay UK import taxes to get your fancy knob and probe through customs over here. 

It’s certainly an interesting concept and at just over eighty quid it seems like a small price to pay for perfectly done Eggs Woodhouse, that is, if you can’t afford a valet to make you some goddamn eggs. 

In the meantime, check out this video with Meld’s Darren Vengroff for a better idea of how it works. 


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