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Wake up and smell the Internet of Things: Smarter Coffee maker unveiled at CES

If you can’t face the day without first having a damn fine cup of Joe, then Smarter Coffee might be up your alley. 

Aimed at the terminally slothful, the Smarter Coffee unit is a coffee machine that lets you put on the brew from the comfort of your own bed. Through iOS and Android apps, you’ll be able to pop the kettle on seconds after silencing your phone’s alarm. 

If you don’t want to manually control it, you can have Smarter Coffee make you a fresh one at 6:00AM every day, five minutes after you wake up, or whenever you want. For the laziest of the lazy, it’ll even keep your cup warm for 20 minutes after it’s been made. What an age we live in.  

From bean to cup: Malcolm Tucker would approve

Caffeine fiends can even select the strength of their brew from their phone and decide how many cups’ worth of the good stuff to make, depending if you’ve got company or you’re waking up from a seriously heavy night. Or both. 

Smarter Coffee communicates with phones over WiFi (802.11 b/gx, 2.4GHz). As well as being able to control it from anywhere in the home, like a smart heating system you can also set it to learn your daily routines, the idea being you’ll be able to open your door to the smell of another freshly-made mug. 

The Smarter Coffee can hold up to 1.5 litres of water for brewing. It’s not known how many many beans you’ll be able to keep in the hopper at any one time, but Smarter says you’ll be able to make up to 12 cups at once. 

Is this colour good for you? Smarter Coffee comes in four shades and stainless steel

Going on sale in March, a Smarter Coffee unit will set you back about £130. It’ll be available to buy from John Lewis, Apple, Currys PC World, Firebox and Maplin stores as well as order online from Amazon. You’ll also be able to pre-order Smarter Coffee from February 1. 

The connected coffee maker joins Smarter’s iKettle, a WiFi-connected kettle that can be controlled from iOS and Android device. On sale now for £99.95, the stainless steel iKettle can be customised and protected with a number of colourful silicone skins. 


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