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Sony’s high-end Android TVs support HDR 4K Netflix and Amazon content

Sony’s latest smart TVs will feature Google’s Android TV OS and on selected models, support for HDR (High Dynamic Range) 4K content. 

The high-end X930C and X940C range will play ball with HDR content from Netflix and Amazon, but it’s currently unclear if they’ll meet the new HDMI 2.0a spec out of the box. 

The range will be powered by Sony’s X1 processor which increases colour, clarity and contrast across both HD and 4K viewing, and will also feature high-end image and sound quality.

Six new 4K UHD TV’s will be added to Sony’s roster. The X830C will offer up screen sizes from 43-inches up to 49-inches and will cost from $1,299 (£870) to $1,599 (£1070). The X850C will come in three flavours: 55, 65 and 75-inches and will cost $2,199 (£1472), $3,499 (£2343) and $4,999 (£3348) respectively.

What is Android TV and does the 4K Ultra HD badge mean my TV is future proof? The HDR-equipped X930C will be a 65-incher with a $4,499 (£3013) price-tag and the similarly specced X940C will sport a massive 75-inch panel and an equally chunky RRP of $7,999 (£5357). 

The range will also include the X900C, which will measure up at just 0.2-inches thick and come in two sizes: 55 and 65-inches. It will also feature a bracket which will allow the unit to be mounted flush to the wall.

Sony’s new Vanishing Edge screen tech combined with a bezel-free design, promises to create the sensation of the picture floating on the wall. We’ll beleive it when we see it. The Sony X910C will offer up similar virtues beneath a 75-inch panel, but pricing has yet to be confirmed for these size zero tellies. 

The company also unveiled three new 2K TV’s, the R510C, which will come in 40 and 48-inch varieties, costing $479.99 (£321) and $529.99 (£355) respectively, the W800C, which will be 50 and 55-inch, costing $999 (£668) and $1299 (£869) respectively and the W850C which will be 65 and 75-inch and will cost $1,899 (£1271) and £2,999 (£2007) respectively.

Netflix and Amazon 4K: Which smart TVs have it and what’s on it?The whole range will run on Android TV, allowing users to view Netflix, Hulu and other services without the need for an external media player. Built-in Google Cast allows viewers to search for and launch content directly from a range of devices, Chromecast-style. 

Taka Fujita, vice president of home entertainment and sound at Sony Electronics said “Sony has always been the leader in 4K and our exclusive Sony technologies have been at the core of providing TV lovers with the best picture quality, no matter what content they are watching.

“Our decade of experience allows us to now improve colour accuracy and clarity even better than before. And now, by pairing our unrivalled picture quality with Android TV, we are setting out to provide our customers with the best user experience possible.”

The new line-up will roll out from today, with four 4K and two of the 2K models going on presale with several vendors, to ship from May.

The further devices are yet to have their release date announced but we suspect it will be in the latter part of the year, perhaps September but definitely in time for Christmas.


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