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Sony Bravia WF66 and RF45: The full HD TVs that care about HDR

The Sony Bravia range has been bolstered by two full HD televisions that support HDR. We take a look at the Bravia WF66 and RF45 now that the pesky embargo has passed, having seen both in the flesh at Sony’s UK headquarters in Weybridge.

The Sony Bravia WF66 and Bravia RF45 are, according to the Japanese manufacturer’s own research, the only full HD resolution televisions that provide support for high-dynamic range (HDR) video. Previous budget-friendly offerings such as the RE4 and WE6 had to do without.

What this means is that those who enjoy the benefits of better picture quality can do so at a more affordable price point, as opposed to needing a pricier 4K television.

Good news, then, for anyone with a PS4 Pro, PS4, Xbox One S or Xbox One X, which are all HDR-capable, but the functionality is also useful for digital streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Sony Bravia WF66 HDR full HD TV

The Sony Bravia RF45 is available as a 43-incher (108cm). It features a 1,920×1,080-pixel display (full HD) and Sony’s X-Reality Pro software, which works behind the scenes to improve picture quality and reduce image noise. This was a feature available only to high-end Sony TVs not so long ago.

You can also attach USB devices to display whatever it is on your phone or tablet, so you can bore friends and family with your family snaps on a bigger scale.

Clear Audio+, meanwhile, is said to make whatever you are watching sound more ‘enriching’ (although standard TV speakers are rarely decent) and the design of the Bravia RF45 looks suitably tidy and modern. Sony has even added areas for a touch of cable management to help provide wiring neatness.

Sony Bravia WF66 HDR full HD TV at Sony HQ Weybridge

Next up is the Sony Bravia WF66, which comes in 43-inch and 50-inch (126cm) screen sizes. It, too, gets the same X-Reality Pro, Clear Audio+ and plug and play functionality as the RF45. Where it differs is through the addition of smart television extras and silvery legs instead of black.

No word yet on a price for the Sony Bravia RF45 and Bravia WF66. As for when you can order, the UK website says ‘available soon’. We will update the article when we know more.


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