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Sony XE70 Series TVs offer impressive 4K HDR visuals on a budget

What are the Sony XE70 Series televisions and are they a great way to get 4K and HDR visuals on a budget? Sony just launched these affordable 4K TVs and here’s all the big details, including the specs and UK release info.

Sony has just taken the wraps off its latest XE70 Series of televisions and that’s very good news indeed if you’re after 4K visuals, but don’t have an unlimited budget. Sony’s near-top-end screens pack in lots of premium tech, without the super-high price of its most extravagant tellys.

The Sony XE70 Series is a powerhouse of 4K and HDR capabilities, all wrapped in a gorgeous frame with minimal bezel action.

So should you start planning to get one? Read on to find out what you need to know. And check out our comparison of the best value Sony TVs, where we line up the RE4, WE6 and WE75 Series televisions and see which is best for you.

Sony XE70 Series TV screens offers 4K, HDR and other top-end visual tech

To make sure your new TV is truly future-proof it needs to be 4K and HDR capable, which the XE70 Series of televisions most certainly is. Of course, the quality of visuals isn’t just down to the hardware; just as much demand is placed on the processing power behind that display. This is an area that Sony thankfully excels at, after many, many years of experience.

The software on offer here might not be the very latest and you don’t get some of the super-premium features found in Sony’s very best 2017 TVs. However, even last year’s Sony flagship tech is still a lot better than top-end alternatives from more affordable brands, and future updates will no doubt bring even better features.

The XE70 family uses Sony’s 4K X-Reality Pro processing engine, for intelligent image analysis and enhancement. This automatically works as you’re viewing and the result is optimal clarity, brightness, contrast and colours adapted to the type of scene you’re watching.

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Sony XE70 Series TVs are great for sports and action movies

When it comes to fast-moving images on the screen, the XE70 Series TVs are built to enhance your viewing experience for super-smooth results. That means for sports and action flicks, you’re going to get the best possible image reproduction for your buck.

Sony’s Motionflow XR engine is a smart TV technology that actually fills in the blanks between frames of fast-moving images. The result is more natural and smooth footage. This is done by comparing the split-second gaps and creating exactly the right image to bridge that transition. Clever stuff, for sure.

Sony XE70 Series TVs offer impressive audio too

Despite a slim form factor, Sony has taken time to make sure the sound output of the XE70 sets is good enough for enjoying movies and the rest, even without the need to add an extra speaker system.

The XE70 Series TVs use ClearAudio+ to fine tune audio, for a perfect balance to suit whatever you’re watching. This coupled with the Digital Sound Enhancement Engine means even lower-quality streams or feeds hampered with distortion are normalised, for improved clarity.

Sony says the Cinematic S-Force Front Surround system uses the two speakers to create a more immersive sound, by distributing audio between the left and right speaker channels intelligently. The result is audio that should feel likes it’s coming from all around you.

Sony XE70 Series TVs are app-enhanced and connectivity smart

The Sony XE70 runs plenty of apps in 4K quality, meaning the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video can be shown off in their full glory.

Sony’s latest family of TVs is also built for quick access to your favourite apps. The remote control even features dedicated YouTube and Netflix buttons that take you into the respective apps with a single press.

Built-in Wi-Fi and three USB ports make connecting to the TV for media streaming nice and simple too.

Sony XE70 UK release date and price

Sony has announced that the XE70 line will arrive in July for the UK.

Pricing has yet to be confirmed but based on models either side of this, as well as previous releases, expect to pay under the £1,000 mark for each of the XE70 TVs.

This price will vary depending on the size you choose of course, with options of 43-inch, 49-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch screens.


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