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Sony’s Google TV box coming this summer

Google TVThe UK’s first Google TV boxes will land this summer courtesy of Sony in the shape of a broadband-ready Blu-ray player and standalone connected TV box.

The NSZ-GP9 is expected to go on sale in August with a #300 pricetag, alongside the cheaper NSZ-GS7.

Both will come with a double-sided remote control that you flip over to use the QWERTY keyboard – although it looks a little bit ZX81 to us (yeah, we were there, kids).

Google is promising apps, web browsing and live TV channels streaming over your broadband connection.

Hopefully Google TV will use the Android Marketplace, so we can use the same account, and maybe it will even be possible to run some of our Android phone and tablet apps on a TV screen.

We’re also looking forward to an update from Google on the content partners for Google TV in the UK – surely the Sony Entertainment Network found on Sony’s TVs, Blu-ray players and the PS3 is a basic requirement? 


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