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SSE customers offered free Tado smart thermostat installation

Southern Electric, Scottish Hydro and SWALEC customers can now get a Tado smart thermostat installed for free. 

The smart heating controller, one of the few to play nice with Windows Phone, can be installed for no extra cost thanks if you get your gas and ‘leccy from a number of SSE-owned providers. 

You’ll still need to fork out £199 for the hardware itself, but Tado reckons that you’ll be able to save up to £266 a year, so if you use it diligently, you’ll quickly absorb that initial cost. 

If you want to take advantage of this offer you’ll need to be amoung the first 300 customers to get a foot in the door or order in before March 26, whichever arrives first. 

If you miss out on the free installation deal you’ll be looking at £50 for the privilege of having your new smart ‘stat fitted, but when you factor in the potential for saving money (up to £266 a year), and energy, it doesn’t seem like too big of a sacrifice.

You can also rent the device from SSE for £58.88 a year, provided you don’t mind paying a £40 installation fee.

SSE now offering Tado smart thermostat
Tado to go: SSE customers offered a £50 discount

See how Tado compares to the rest in our epic smart heating comparisonChristian Deilmann, founder and CEO of Tado, says: “We are very excited about this great partnership with SSE. It is a perfect fit as we are both committed to making a positive difference in people’s lives. This partnership also brings us a great deal closer to our aim of introducing the Tado intelligence to as many homes as possible and showing people how easy and convenient it can be to save energy.” 

Tado lets you control your heating and hot water manually with your phone. A geolocation feature will see your home automatically start heating up once it detects that you’re leaving home and will shut the heating off when you walk out of the front door in the mornings. 

SSE has roughly 9.6 million customers across the UK and is the country’s second biggest energy provider behind British Gas, which supplies over 20 million customers. 

The Tado system only uses your smartphone to control temperature, eschewing a physical control, and the included thermostat runs off a set of three AA batteries, which the company claim are good for about 3 years of use. 

Most of the big energy firms are now offering smart thermostat systems, with the exception of EDF, which depsite announcing a partnership with Netatmo, has yet to announce any offers or discounts. 

British Gas customers can grab one of the firm’s Hive systems, while Scottish Power has put its weight behind Climote. Npower offer up a Nest, Tado’s biggest competitor, which has some very solid features but lacks some of the fundamental smarts that make Tado so popular in its native Germany.


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